Accounting & Collections

At Town & Country Community Association Management, we take pride in providing comprehensive and professional accounting and collections services.

Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring the financial health and stability of your community association, assisting the Board every step of the way.

Our services include:

Accurate and Compliant Financial Reporting

We meticulously handle all financial transactions and reporting in accordance with GAAP. Our transparent and detailed financial statements provide a clear overview of your association's financial status, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Budget Assistance and Reserve Planning

Our experts work closely with the Board during the budgeting process and long-term reserve planning. By leveraging our expertise, your association can make informed financial decisions that foster stability and growth.

Optimizing Investments

We help your association achieve its long-term financial goals by identifying the best and most secure investment opportunities. Our approach is guided by a commitment to prudent financial management and the Board's objectives.

Effective Collections Management

At Town & Country, we understand the importance of timely collections to maintain the financial health of your community. We diligently follow the Uniform Fair Debt Collections Statute, ensuring a fair and lawful approach to collections.


Collaboration with Legal Resources

In more serious collection efforts, such as liens, judgments, and foreclosures, we collaborate closely with the association's attorney under the direction of the Board. This proactive approach ensures effective resolution of outstanding debts.

Accurate Expense Tracking

Our dedicated team ensures that all bills are accurately coded with the appropriate general ledger expense codes. This meticulous practice enables precise budget tracking and cost management.

Vendor and Contractor Records Management

We maintain thorough records of all vendors and contractors engaged with your association. Additionally, we ensure that all vendors and contractors have the necessary certificates of insurance, mitigating potential risks.

Year-End 1099 Document Production

Our team handles the year-end 1099 document preparation for vendors and contractors, simplifying tax reporting for all parties involved.

At Town & Country Community Association Management, we are committed to providing top-notch accounting and collections services that empower your association's financial success. Our expertise, dedication, and adherence to legal standards make us the ideal partner for maintaining your community's financial well-being.

Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your community's unique needs and goals. Let's work together to build a prosperous future for your association!