"Town and Country Property Management provide excellent HOA management service to my community. They prepare annual budget for the HOA Board of Directors to review, provide monthly updates, schedule and host monthly meetings, and keep everything organized. Their experience with many HOA communities allows them to give us good advice and information about HOA issues in other communities."

Greg M.
Hillcrest HOA

"Town & Country Property Management has been an amazing management company to work with for our HOA. Our community went from Developer owned to Owner managed and T&C has been there every second. They simplified this conversion and they took a lot of the stress off the Board of Directors for the newly established Owner HOA. Lisa Daffern has been an amazing administrator for our HOA, I greatly appreciate her promptness and professionalism. Lisa makes the communication between the Owners and the Board of Directors seamless and keeps everything organized."

Brian D.
HOA President

"Town and Country Property and HOA Management has provided many of the important functions of the treasurer services for the Eagles Harbor Homeowners Association for more than 5 years now. Services including comprehensive bookkeeping, detailed billing, check writing, dues assessments and the, all-important, collections and reporting have all resulted in a huge load off of our Association’s Treasurer. The additional benefits of on-going continuity even when our treasurers have changed, knowledgeable and friendly staff who work along with us and a fair price for these services has made this a very satisfying and productive relationship. We heartily endorse Town and Country for these beneficial services.'

Christopher G.
Eagles Harbor Homeowners Association, Inc.

"Town and Country has served our neighborhood well for the last year as our HOA management company. They have done an excellent job. Initially our neighborhood was assigned to a different management company, but due to poor oversite and lack of involvement from that management company, our HOA board decided to changed management companies. We hired Town and Country based on good feedback we received from other neighborhoods which used Town and Country. Immediately upon them taking over, Jessica Baker reviewed our status. She found areas where we had issues and went to work to resolve those quickly. She assisted with finding new vendors to manage our common areas, perform any work due to county/state regulations, and she directed us to purchase proper liability insurance. In addition, she worked with us to develop a sound budget. In short order, our HOA was able to get things in order and glad to say over the last year we have reduced expenditures while performing all necessary work. We would not have been able to achieve this without Jessica’s knowledge and efforts. I highly recommend Town and Country to any neighborhood needing HOA management services."

Jeff C.
Martins Trail HOA

"Town and Country has been a trusted partner to our Property Owners’ Association for many years. We rely on them for a wide range of support and have been extremely pleased with their performance. In addition to the day-to-day services, we frequently rely on them to serve as trusted advisors. Their extensive experience has been invaluable in providing advice and counsel on countless, diverse issues."

Stoney Point POA Board of Directors

"Town and Country is an exceptional property management company. As an HOA Board member, I have worked with other companies. What puts Town and Country above the rest is their professionalism, knowledge, and ease of communication. The knowledge and support of our community manager is excellent. The website and portal are very easy to access and contain all the information that the homeowners need. This communication tool has made things easier for homeowners and Board members."

Board Member
Simpsonville, SC

"We are a smaller HOA with 40 members and nobody had any experience in the management of an HOA. We needed help to organize our finances, make sure we remained in accordance with the rules and regulations for SC, and most of all be somebody we can call on for help with our numerous questions. Town & Country and our wonderful representative Brook Johnson are always within easy reach for advice and support. We are provided very detailed financial reports each month and when it is needed, Brook attends our quarterly Board meetings. Our HOA is very happy with our decision to use Town & Country."

Board Member
McCormick SC

"Our property was in severe decline after a total-loss building fire that postponed capital projects, greatly distressing our board members, owners and residents. Hiring Town & Country completely shifted the trajectory, and we now have strong regime collections, a long-term plan, major capital restoration projects completed, and an overall uplift in appearance that has resulted in significantly increased home values and resident satisfaction."

Deerwood Knoll

"Town and Country Community Association Management has been exactly what Wellington Green needed. Granger has been amazing to work with. He is punctual, attentive and goes above and beyond for our community. This management company is Great! Friendly, honest and knowledgeable. Any HOA looking to have help from an association company would do themselves a favor and call T&C"

Dana Merritt
Board President
Wellington Green HOA

"Our neighborhood switched to T&C several years ago, and we've never looked back. The team works with our Association to ensure that the Board and Homeowners receive prompt communication for all business matters and any concerns raised. T&C's guidance on governance has strengthened our community, improved our financial processes, and increased the efficiency of meetings. We applaud the professionalism of the T&C staff, but appreciate the local feel and attention our Association receives from their team; we don't feel like we are just another client/account to them. We had no hesitation about renewing our contract to continue this partnership for several more years!"

Board Member

"Town and Country Property Management Company has been instrumental in assisting our community to stay on track. Our property manager, Gwen Miller, has been such an asset to our Board of Directors. Her knowledge and years of experience working with HOA communities has given our Board the guidance needed to adhere to our documents, to work within our budget and to provide the service our owners expect. The entire team at Town and Country responds promptly when contacted and from the top down has shown leadership, interest and concern for our community's needs. One could not find a better management company."

Linda W.
Court Ridge HOA

"I strongly support Town and Country Property Management as our POA manager. We have lived in Gatewood for over 40 years and have dealt with Town and Country as the developer and now as the manager of our POA. Having served on the board two times in the past, and now in the third year as chairman of the HOA, it has been a great first-hand experience working with T&C Management. We are especially pleased with our designated administrator, Wilson Bruce. In my role as chairman, I call on Wilson weekly and sometimes daily. He is always available and communicates promptly and handles any situation that arises, and many issues before they get to the board. On several occasions I have called him about an issue only to find out that he has already or is in the process of taking care of it."

Bill S.
Gatewood POA